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More Than This


"'Cause you are beautiful inside
So lovely and I
Can't see why I'd do anything without you, you are
And when I'm not with you
I know that it's true
That I'd rather be anywhere but here without you."


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゜・。More Than This by SapphireFaythLike a Spark by SapphireFaythButterfly Kisses by SapphireFayth。・゜


:bulletblack: Arcadeshipping :bulletwhite:

Like a Spark

:rose:Lovers icon stamp by LadyDeven:rose:

"So promise you'll stay right here beneath the starlit sky
cuz I can't contain the way I feel when you're here by my side
and if ever there be a smile to melt this
boy's cold heart, darling, it's yours.
Darling it's yours."

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::~Yosuke Hanamura~::

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• Music •
it moves me with
♥ passion ♥
to make change inside

Devil in headphones

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~¤~Pokémon World~¤~


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.:+~One world, now and forever~+:.

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+Found the Path to Paradise+


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persona 4 stamp by Zochopersona 4 junes by KuwaizairWelcome to Inaba - Persona 4 by Shark-of-the-Sky
Persona 4 STAMP by IwonnYuu_Souji x Yosuke stamp by Iwonn



Birds ride on the wind, flowers blossom vividly
It’s a beautiful world, not like before
The world turns endlessly
I used to watch the landscape fade away by myself
My clock has begun to work again
You softly reached out and led me to a shining world

Now I fly to the ends of that shining sky
I hold your hand so we’ll never be apart, flyaway
(Even if the wind blows against you, or a giant wall is in the way
Let a favorable wind guide you towards that destination)
I’m here by your side


Artwork by kamiyoshi


"Let's go, Partner!"

April Showers!

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 1, 2014, 11:23 PM

#209 Snubbull Stamp by Cyanide-Tea
luxray stamp by PFV0-Stamp
Volkner Stamp Revamp by littiot
Together Forever by LadyQuintessence


Freya's Chatroom!

Quotes you don't care about:

"Yes we can, Derek! We can do whatever we want to 'cause we have on ties!"

- Burnie Burns

"I'm excited to see how people are gonna get poisoned."

- Joel Heyman



Hello, everybody!

It rained today. It was a miracle.

I haven't done a journal in almost two months. That's pretty neat. Or something.

Nothing too exciting to report I guess? WAIT I got my driver's permit :dummy: So that's exciting. Now I can finally hyperventilate behind the wheel. I really think I am too much of a paranoid and anxious wreck to ever be trusted behind a wheel but we'll see how that goes. I don't even have a car so it seems kind of pointless ultimately but oh well. At least I can say I did it. Now I just need to practice. A lot of practice.

I hate cars. :icondawhatplz: Though I wish I could go to Balboa Park next week...

On the art's kinda abysmal. I certainly have ideas but I just have no motivation to draw and it's absolutely frustrating. Like I want to draw but actually putting forth the effort is a struggle. One day I could draw a lot and then for a week I've got nothing. I wanna write and draw and it's akin to pulling teeth right now. Please decide if you actually want to create or not, brain, because you are driving me crazy with your wishy-washy ways. For example I've been in a sort of Poké-mood and I started to draw but now the drive eludes me when I need it most. /: There's also another thing really special to me that I'm wanting to draw and it's just not happening. It better change soon.

Um, today was a good day! I don't really like April 1st...April Fools is an annoying day to be on the internet. But some good things did happen! Like a story I adore being updated. Little but still pretty awesome. OH! And the trailer for Red vs Blue season 12 was put online and it was soooo amazing! I'm too excited, I almost cried after watching it the first time. I love that show way too much. I literally wanted to scream...! But I'll save that for the 28th when the episode airs~ :bulletred::bulletblue: My friend Cotty and I hope that we can celebrate with red and blue cupcakes or something. But I don't know if we can...we'll see. If it's possible, it'll be nice! If not, I'll still enjoy the premiere date anyway. :heart:

Aaah it's so nice to be back into this makes me hope that next year I can go to Comic-Con or Rooster Teeth Expo. I want ; A ; E fyhd du caa so tytc. Naymmo naymmo pytmo...Ed'c cdibet pid E haat du naymmo caa dras.

Few other good things are happening this month, but I don't know if I should talk about it here. Kinda...personal, I guess? Plus I don't want to bore you guys anymore than I already have. |D Also kinda been missing someone lately's okay. Things will be fine!

I've written too much so now it's time to go. Byeee, thanks for reading!


Winter by hakkuchu

I see you, feel you, I'm your creation
Ever lasting affection
Life's an endless spiral going round
Yes, we are in love

Our Hearts Are One


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Daughter of the One True King

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"I live in Twilight Town."

My love...

page divider by lithiumharddrive

It's all that I'd like to hear
That you're thinking of me too.
I wonder how you feel
When I'm beside you?



Blue Butterfly Divider by AngelicHellraiser
:iconblueheartplz:Cinderella's Carriage Transformation by radiantcomet:iconblueheartplz:


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