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More Than This


"'Cause you are beautiful inside
So lovely and I
Can't see why I'd do anything without you, you are
And when I'm not with you
I know that it's true
That I'd rather be anywhere but here without you."


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゜・。More Than This by SapphireFaythLike a Spark by SapphireFaythButterfly Kisses by SapphireFayth。・゜
Purple butterfly bullet by Zerbert


:bulletblack: Arcadeshipping :bulletwhite:

Like a Spark

:rose:Lovers icon stamp by LadyDeven:rose:

"So promise you'll stay right here beneath the starlit sky
cuz I can't contain the way I feel when you're here by my side
and if ever there be a smile to melt this
boy's cold heart, darling, it's yours.
Darling it's yours."

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Two stupid old guys

::~Yosuke Hanamura~::

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• Music •
it moves me with
♥ passion ♥
to make change inside

Devil in headphones

:bulletorange: Yosuke Hanamura by maggieFF+:music:+P4 Yosuke - Stamp by faror1 :bulletorange:
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~:~ Pokemon World ~:~


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.:+~One world, now and forever~+:.

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+Found the Path to Paradise+


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persona 4 stamp by Zochopersona 4 junes by KuwaizairWelcome to Inaba - Persona 4 by Shark-of-the-Sky
Persona 4 STAMP by IwonnYuu_Souji x Yosuke stamp by Iwonn



Birds ride on the wind, flowers blossom vividly
It’s a beautiful world, not like before
The world turns endlessly
I used to watch the landscape fade away by myself
My clock has begun to work again
You softly reached out and led me to a shining world

Now I fly to the ends of that shining sky
I hold your hand so we’ll never be apart, flyaway
(Even if the wind blows against you, or a giant wall is in the way
Let a favorable wind guide you towards that destination)
I’m here by your side


Artwork by kamiyoshi


"Let's go, Partner!"

Pixel credits 1

~ Summer Sunshine ~

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 1, 2015, 1:17 PM

#209 Snubbull Stamp by Cyanide-Tea
luxray stamp by PFV0-Stamp
Volkner Stamp Revamp by littiot
Together Forever by LadyQuintessence


Freya's Chatroom!

Quotes you don't care about:

"Turn up the record cause the song's just begun
I'm smashing pumpkins like it's November 1
Wish Britney'd hit me one more time on the phone
So tired of counting crows with Mr. Jones
My sister Hazel knows that it's all for you
Am I a blur or do you sing my song 2?"

- That's My Jam, Relient K ft. Owl City



Hello, dA~

Though it hasn't been my usual customary month long period between journals, I felt like making something a bit more chipper. Summer doesn't officially start until June 21st, but already I've got a few things planned.

Biggest of all is I'll be going to the Rooster Teeth Expo the first weekend of August! I've never been to it before in all the 12 or so years I've been a fan of this company. I'm a bit nervous, to be honest, at the prospect of running into any of the staff members there XD Sometimes I actually 'panic' a little when I think about it, which is silly when I have seen them quite a few times when I used to attend Comic Con years ago. But I suppose it's a bit different when I'm in unfamiliar territory fff or perhaps I'm just an anxious mess, which I know is a fact regardless. Plus, this will be my first time really being in Texas, and not just sitting in an airport for a layover (which I had to do when I took a trip to Florida in 2013). Despite my worrying, I am really looking forward to it though I have little idea of what to expect. I've looked up to these people for most of my life, this is a wonderful opportunity to see them and enjoy the community they have inspired! So I'll survive my nerves and work through them.

I'm also going to hopefully start a course to become a pharmacy technician? Certainly not a dream job but it's something that seems interesting and I can do it anywhere if I do follow through with plans to move out of state. And it's a good 'temporary' job until I find out where my passions really rest, which has been a struggle for me since high school.  But to do the course I need to pass this prerequisite math exam, and I am very, very slow when it come to numbers so, wish me luck XD I have to study! *puts on glasses which are useless since I'm near sighted*

Music I am very much looking forward to will be released in July, which I know will inspire me with my studies. And I'm hoping that I'll be able to see mon papillon as well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, it's been too long and I want to see his pretty smile in person :heart: I really miss him, more than I probably should. So, I'm hoping and wishing.

Lastly, I suppose my family is going to the DelMar Fair this year, so I guess we'll be getting ice cream and eating horribly unhealthy fairfood. AND it seems that we're also slated to get some news about KH this Summer, so YES. The thought makes my heart beat a bit faster. Kingdom Hearts 3 looms ever closer! I think they said it was at E3? I wonder what other gaming news we'll get |D

I'm not sure if anything else will come up, but if it does I'll be happy to share it with all of you. I'm going to hopefully finish owed art this week (I again apologize for being so slow. I ended up completely restarting it because I hated how it was turning out...), and maybe do a few more things that have been laying unfinished on my desk for quite some time. I've had a few personal life things happen since my last journal, which is why I've also been a bit slow in production AGAIN, but I'm forcing myself to get back on the figurative horse. I don't like being so vague but this is a rather sensitive issue and I don't want to seem to be an attention grubber XD

Eh, I've rambled on enough as it is. But I love you guys!

I hope your Summer starts off beautifully~


Winter by hakkuchu

I see you, feel you, I'm your creation
Ever lasting affection
Life's an endless spiral going round
Yes, we are in love

Our Hearts Are One


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єνєη мιяα¢ℓєѕ тαкє α ℓιттℓє тιмє
We’ve got the whole universe inside; there are worlds inside us.

..:: T w i l i g h t ::..

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"I live in Twilight Town."

My Love...

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Colour the dusk deep navy blue
And try to be brave
Cause I'll be right beside you



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