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Hearts and Stars
Even at her age, she could still remember the whole jingle from the commercial. It always began just like that - Hearts, stars and horseshoes. Maybe every kid still knew it though; it wasn’t like she watched much children’s television these days to know how often it played. But she still could recite it, turning each part over and over in her mind as she ate one marshmallow after the other.
Lucky Charms had become her feel good food.
It’d been years since she last had any, but as soon as she’d come home, there was a box seemingly waiting for her on the table. And she popped open the box and ate.
Not the whole thing, of course. And not all at once. Just the marshmallows. The oat bits just got in the way. They should sell a box of just the marshmallows, she mused. They were doing a contest giving out boxes like that. Maybe she could enter, but she’s not sure how proud she could be saying she won a box of marshmallow cereal.
The marshmallows were good. The cr
:iconflamongirl13:Flamongirl13 3 3
:: Wan Wan March :: by Flamongirl13 :: Wan Wan March :: :iconflamongirl13:Flamongirl13 25 7 .x: S O U L M A T E :x. by Flamongirl13 .x: S O U L M A T E :x. :iconflamongirl13:Flamongirl13 21 5 .x: W O N D E R S T R U C K :x. by Flamongirl13 .x: W O N D E R S T R U C K :x. :iconflamongirl13:Flamongirl13 24 6 .x: E N T W I N E D :x. by Flamongirl13 .x: E N T W I N E D :x. :iconflamongirl13:Flamongirl13 22 5 .x: B E L O V E D :x. by Flamongirl13 .x: B E L O V E D :x. :iconflamongirl13:Flamongirl13 19 7 - Come Fly With Me - by Flamongirl13 - Come Fly With Me - :iconflamongirl13:Flamongirl13 34 7 Deadly Pink Buns by Flamongirl13 Deadly Pink Buns :iconflamongirl13:Flamongirl13 30 13 Gelertmon's Evoline by Flamongirl13 Gelertmon's Evoline :iconflamongirl13:Flamongirl13 31 12 The Bone Bros by Flamongirl13 The Bone Bros :iconflamongirl13:Flamongirl13 10 10 This next song features a unicorn by Flamongirl13 This next song features a unicorn :iconflamongirl13:Flamongirl13 20 11 Clowns aren't so scary by Flamongirl13 Clowns aren't so scary :iconflamongirl13:Flamongirl13 24 6 + Brella + by Flamongirl13 + Brella + :iconflamongirl13:Flamongirl13 14 4 Fonts and Bones by Flamongirl13 Fonts and Bones :iconflamongirl13:Flamongirl13 17 8 Trust in You, Trust in Me by Flamongirl13 Trust in You, Trust in Me :iconflamongirl13:Flamongirl13 29 7

゜・。 More Than This by SapphireFayth Like a Spark by SapphireFayth Butterfly Kisses by SapphireFayth 。・゜
Smile Like You Used To by SapphireFayth
Purple butterfly bullet by Zerbert


Bell Commission Chibi 3 by SimonAdventure Bell Commission Chibi 3 :iconsimonadventure:SimonAdventure 106 7 Request Wednesday - Set 1 by Cobyfrog Request Wednesday - Set 1 :iconcobyfrog:Cobyfrog 17 15 LeaIsa +bun by Namppa LeaIsa +bun :iconnamppa:Namppa 9 2 hot guy by AffectiveDisorder hot guy :iconaffectivedisorder:AffectiveDisorder 90 4 Rolly new outfit by Rolly-Chan Rolly new outfit :iconrolly-chan:Rolly-Chan 35 19 Undyne The Undying by Kuzmich-Isterich Undyne The Undying :iconkuzmich-isterich:Kuzmich-Isterich 9 0 Magalovania by WhiteAbsol Magalovania :iconwhiteabsol:WhiteAbsol 19 10 Plusle Minun matching icons by Kiekiecat Plusle Minun matching icons :iconkiekiecat:Kiekiecat 511 102 DustTale: Mad Time ? by Yore-Donatsu DustTale: Mad Time ? :iconyore-donatsu:Yore-Donatsu 264 22 Undertale: dad ... ? by Yore-Donatsu Undertale: dad ... ? :iconyore-donatsu:Yore-Donatsu 184 16 Yosuke with kunai by MegumiHayase Yosuke with kunai :iconmegumihayase:MegumiHayase 80 5 Fanbook Pokemon by MymyArtzone Fanbook Pokemon :iconmymyartzone:MymyArtzone 178 12 Kawaii Pastel Alpaca Stickers by GruviaPon Kawaii Pastel Alpaca Stickers :icongruviapon:GruviaPon 358 26 More Smush by Phoelion More Smush :iconphoelion:Phoelion 92 10 Platinum SnowWhite EvilQueen, Apple Pie Peafowl by Sakuyamon Platinum SnowWhite EvilQueen, Apple Pie Peafowl :iconsakuyamon:Sakuyamon 110 15 Underswap AU - Sans Papyrus by ttoba Underswap AU - Sans Papyrus :iconttoba:ttoba 7,972 1,495

:bulletblack: Arcadeshipping :bulletwhite:

Like a Spark

C: Got his jacket by Phoelion C: Got his jacket :iconphoelion:Phoelion 55 3 Hard to believe this tower is a rocket. by Quartette Hard to believe this tower is a rocket. :iconquartette:Quartette 24 2 Sketches page :: FreyaxVolkner by bibi-chan Sketches page :: FreyaxVolkner :iconbibi-chan:bibi-chan 34 4 Commission_Flamongirl13 by Miyuki-Tsukiyono Commission_Flamongirl13 :iconmiyuki-tsukiyono:Miyuki-Tsukiyono 77 15 You Light Up My World by Little-Moon-Wolf You Light Up My World :iconlittle-moon-wolf:Little-Moon-Wolf 2 1 Sketch commission : Halloween lovers by bibi-chan Sketch commission : Halloween lovers :iconbibi-chan:bibi-chan 44 7 commission : Volkner and Freya by pink-hudy commission : Volkner and Freya :iconpink-hudy:pink-hudy 42 8 Commission 02 [flamongirl13] by aidmoon Commission 02 [flamongirl13] :iconaidmoon:aidmoon 22 2 Points Commission for Quartette 2 by SakurahimeArt Points Commission for Quartette 2 :iconsakurahimeart:SakurahimeArt 24 10 Commission: Flamongirl13 by ruri-chu Commission: Flamongirl13 :iconruri-chu:ruri-chu 102 17 Pet the puppy. by Quartette Pet the puppy. :iconquartette:Quartette 14 6 Spark of Love by ogamagirl Spark of Love :iconogamagirl:ogamagirl 9 4 Commissions Set 9 by Pikalu Commissions Set 9 :iconpikalu:Pikalu 23 7 A Lot Like Magic by Flamongirl13 A Lot Like Magic :iconflamongirl13:Flamongirl13 15 6 Volky x Freya by Flamongirl13 Volky x Freya :iconflamongirl13:Flamongirl13 13 3 FreyaxVolkner for Flamongirl13 by HungarianThief FreyaxVolkner for Flamongirl13 :iconhungarianthief:HungarianThief 2 0
:rose: Lovers icon stamp by LadyDeven:rose:

"So promise you'll stay right here beneath the starlit sky
cuz I can't contain the way I feel when you're here by my side
and if ever there be a smile to melt this
boy's cold heart, darling, it's yours.
Darling it's yours."

:bulletyellow: :bulletblue: :bulletyellow: :bulletblue: :bulletyellow:

Two stupid old guys

::~Yosuke Hanamura~::

:bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletyellow: ~.::☆~~~~~~~~☆::.~ :bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletyellow:
• Music •
it moves me with
♥ passion ♥
to make change inside

Devil in headphones

:bulletorange: Yosuke Hanamura by maggieFF+:music:+ P4 Yosuke - Stamp by faror1 :bulletorange:


:iconcobyfrog: :iconnaraphim: :iconapapa155: :iconprinces-night: :iconwlkr:

~:~ Pokemon World ~:~


:bulletblue: :bulletyellow: :bulletblue: :bulletyellow: :bulletblue: :bulletyellow: :bulletblue: :bulletyellow:




.:+~One world, now and forever~+:.

:bulletblue: :bulletyellow: :bulletblue: :bulletyellow: :bulletblue: :bulletyellow: :bulletblue: :bulletyellow:

:rose: :heart: :heart: :rose:

+Found the Path to Paradise+


:bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletyellow: ~.::☆~~~~~~~~☆::.~ :bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletyellow:

persona 4 stamp by Zocho persona 4 junes by Kuwaizair Welcome to Inaba - Persona 4 by Shark-of-the-Sky
Persona 4 STAMP by Iwonn Yuu_Souji x Yosuke stamp by Iwonn



Birds ride on the wind, flowers blossom vividly
It’s a beautiful world, not like before
The world turns endlessly
I used to watch the landscape fade away by myself
My clock has begun to work again
You softly reached out and led me to a shining world

Now I fly to the ends of that shining sky
I hold your hand so we’ll never be apart, flyaway
(Even if the wind blows against you, or a giant wall is in the way
Let a favorable wind guide you towards that destination)
I’m here by your side


Artwork by kamiyoshi


"Let's go, Partner!"

Pixel credits 1


ƸӜƷ Cιη∂єяєℓℓα ƸӜƷ
United States

╔══════════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ ══════════════╗
☼One that defines your world - gives you truth and life☼
╚══════════════ ೋღ☃ღೋ ══════════════╝

You are smiling in a shirt wet with bitter tears
Let me help you find a place to call it home

You are perfectly you.

♥ Loves ♥
Axel • Volkner • Adam • Ozuma • Yosuke and Souji • Theodore • MCU!Steve Rogers • Burnie and Joel • Jounouchi • Reno • Kuwabara • Papyrus and Sans • the Investigation Team • My friends • Kingdom Hearts • Persona 4 • Pokémon • Digimon • Beyblade • MotorCity • Red vs Blue • Rooster Teeth • Left 4 Dead • Undertale • Music • Drawing • Writing • Reading • Daydreaming

¤ Resonating Wave ☆ Beyblader ☆ Digidestined ☆
Persona User ☆ PokéRancher ☆ Bluetard ☆ Cinderella ¤
♔ ¤ Queen of Owls ¤ ♔
Divider by LadyMidnightSolace
I love you - Stamp by Tifa22 My love is important-Stamp by Dinoclaws
Dreams Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Be Who You Are Stamp by lightpurge Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori
.:Just a Dreamer by ginkgografix

Dream stamp by smilekeeper Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness by ClefairyKid 067 - Discovery by clumsyrebel
Free Avengers Icon - Captain America by Gasara

Tiny Sprite Alphys by Bloody-Uragiri Tiny Sprite Undyne by Bloody-Uragiri Tiny Sprite Mettaton by Bloody-Uragiri Tiny sprite Papyrus by Bloody-Uragiri Undertale SOUL - Red by LittleFireDragon Tiny sprite Sans by Bloody-Uragiri Tiny Sprite Frisk by Bloody-Uragiri Tiny Sprite Toriel by Bloody-Uragiri Tiny Sprite Asgore by Bloody-Uragiri

Gaster Blaster Dragon Icon by Bloody-Uragiri
_I AM_
Daughter of the Lion

:bulletorange: :bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange:

єνєη мιяα¢ℓєѕ тαкє α ℓιттℓє тιмє
We’ve got the whole universe inside; there are worlds inside us.


..:: T w i l i g h t ::..

:bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletred: Stamp - Twilight Town by tinuleaf:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow:
"I live in Twilight Town."
Adoptable: Paopu Fruit by JuneBelle SUPPORT SEA SALT ICE CREAM XD by seasalticecream-fc Adoptable: Paopu Fruit by JuneBelle

+ - - Mon Papillon - - +

page divider by lithiumharddrive


Close your eyes and think about that boy.

Tell me how he makes you feel.
Let your mind trace over his tired shoulders.
Allow your thoughts to linger on that beautiful smile.
Take a deep breath and try to put those dark thoughts aside.
For once, let go of the reins you’ve wrapped so tightly around your heart.
I know you are scared. Who could blame you?

Love is a hurricane wrapped inside a chrysalis. And you are a girl walking into the storm.


Be yourself, Cinderella


Blue Butterfly Divider by AngelicHellraiser
:iconblueheartplz: Cinderella's Carriage Transformation by radiantcomet:iconblueheartplz:
Disney Stamp - Cinderella 011 by hanakt Disney Cinderella and Prince Charming Stamp by TwilightProwler
Cinderella Avatar by Mel-Rosey


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